Alejandro Freixes
Feb 14, 2012

Praxair releases sub-atmospheric dopant gas delivery system for ion implant platform

Praxair Electronics, a division of Praxair, Inc., announced today that its UpTime® sub-atmospheric dopant gas delivery system has been selected to be the factory default standard for Applied Materials’ flagship Varian VIISta® ion implant platform. Ion implantation is a process used in the fabrication of microchips in which ions, created from highly specialized gases, are accelerated and implanted into silicon wafers to modify the properties of a film. "We look forward to continuing our work with Applied in identifying and jointly bringing to market additional productivity enhancements to customers in the implant space,” added Lisa Fanti, director of electronics product commercialization at Praxair. “Applied’s adoption of UpTime for their market-leading implant platform is a validation of its advanced and cost-effective capabilities."