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Empowering IP Success with Our Expert Witness Network

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Patexia uses data-driven tech to link law firms with top IP expert witnesses. By utilizing historical case data, we expedite the expert search, pinpointing the ideal match for your litigation needs and optimizing results for your IP cases.
Comprehensive Case Analysis and Data Extraction
At Patexia, we carefully analyze your case, including the complaint and related patents, to understand the subject matter. We then extract pertinent IPC and/or USPC codes to efficiently identify the most suitable intellectual property expert witnesses for your litigation needs.
Search and Reverse Look Up
In addition to our database of experts, we access cases from PTAB, ITC, and district courts to find other experts who have worked on cases with similar patents. We narrow down the list of potential candidates ensuring that we identify the most suitable for your specific litigation needs.
It Works in Five Simple Steps
At our firm, we follow a rigorous process to find the right expert witnesses for our clients. Here are the main steps:
Step 1
Thorough understanding of the subject matter using complaint, patents, and related technology to identify the relevant IPC/USPC codes using representative patents.
Step 2
We use our expert database for a reverse lookup to find testifying experts with relevant subject matter experience, identified by the IPC/USPC codes.
Step 3
We initiate contact with potential, highly qualified experts to check their current availability, potential conflicts, and comfort level with the case.
Step 4
We present a shortlist of most qualified experts to our clients and arrange the interviews so they can select the best candidate for their specific needs.
Step 5
Once an expert is selected, we prepare the necessary agreements and provide them with the necessary support to get started on the case.
Receive a List of Qualified Experts Within 48 to 72 Hours
Using our data, as a starting point, we reverse lookup the most suitable candidates with a history of relevant and successful work in the related subject matter.