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Jun 1, 2019
Subscription Plan


Patexia Concierge is designed for patent attorneys in law firms and corporations, to provide business intelligence for their day-to-day needs.

This subscription program is on an annual basis. During this period, everybody in your organization will receive the following benefits (NO SEAT LIMIT - ALL YOUR ATTORNEYS WILL HAVE ACCESS):

  1. The latest version of our IPR Intelligence Report 
  2. The latest version of our Patent Prosecution Report 
  3. The latest version of our ITC Intelligence Report
  4. The latest version of our upcoming Patent Litigation Report
  5. All Patexia Insight reports from prior years
  6. Access to subscription-only content, including patent examiner stats (allowance rates, RCE, Interviews, Appeal, etc.), law firm / corporate prosecution and litigation analytics (e.g, top clients for a law firm or top service providers for a company
  7. Unlock your law firm's rankings to everyone and access to view the rankings of every other firm or attorney.
  8. Access to moderate and update your company, law firm or attorney profiles on Patexia to promote your prosecution or litigation services (or products for companies) to our visitors and users in Patexia newsletters and other marketing materials Patexia provides for such purposes (Attorney profiles will be accessible and editable only by the individual attorney)
  9. Collect points as you use other services of Patexia such as experts, contest, prior art search, etc. Points can be redeemed towards other services or used for the renewal of Patexia Concierge in the following years (Yes, there are ways to join Concierge for free)
  10. Custom analytics and data, designed to provide business intelligence and patent prosecution insights to law firms and corporations, to help them with decision making on numerous issues they face on a regular basis. The first five (5) hours are free and included in the subscription plan. Here are some examples.