Patexia Concierge
IP Intelligence and Custom Analytics on Demand
A unique offering designed to provide attorneys and corporate in-house counsel with IP intelligence and custom analytics for their day-to-day needs.
With the Patexia Concierge membership, you get the data and analytics you need to make informed intellectual property decisions, solve challenging IP problems, and craft effective patent litigation and prosecution strategies.
Unlock Exclusive Benefits From Patexia Services & Products
Create Your Own IP Intelligence Bundle
Choose any number of our IP Modules covering key intellectual property practice areas. These modules include the latest, past, and upcoming reports within the next 12 months.
Patexia Loyalty Program
You will earn Patexia Coins on various transactions that can be redeemed for a discount on your subscription renewal or other products and services that we offer.
Priority in Additional Services Requests
Get exclusive access to priority expert witness and consultation services, public research studies, private studies, and more. We ensure that you receive the information precisely when needed.
Customized IP Reports and Analytics
Custom reports including comprehensive patent counsel evaluation, patent portfolio quality analysis, and valuable insights for business development.
Exclusive Subscribers-Only Content
Exclusive access to estimated IP revenue for law firms and IP spending for companies; patent examiner statistics; prosecution, litigation, trademark data, and more.
Promotion on Patexia Platform
Your rankings and badges will be available to corporations and the legal community. Your firm will be displayed in various sections and marketing newsletters on Patexia.
Why You Can't Afford Not to Use Patexia Concierge
Unmatched Insights
The membership gives you high-value insights for decision making and business development in all IP practice areas.
Firm-Wide Access
No seat limit - the subscription gives all your employees access to our IP insights, services and tools.
Cost Effectiveness
Patexia Loyalty Program and potential Insight Points gained with Patexia Concierge can drive the cost of membership to zero.
Give Your Everyday
Decisions a Boost With
Patexia Concierge
No seat limit. Access to all powerful services and products.