Litigation Analyzer

Make Informed Decisions and Drive Success in Patent Litigation

Litigation Analyzer evaluates metrics related to patent litigation in various jurisdictions including district courts, the International Trade Commission (ITC), the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB), and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (CAFC). It helps users make data-driven decisions, understand their own and competitors' performance, stay up-to-date on litigation trends, and navigate patent litigation with greater confidence and success.

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Comprehensive View of Patent Litigation Activity

The Litigation Analyzer provides a comprehensive view of patent litigation activity across various jurisdictions, including district courts, the ITC, Index, and CAFC.

Access to Case Information

With the Litigation Analyzer, users can easily access information on specific patent litigation cases, including case status, documents, and court decisions.

Customized Dashboard

The Litigation Analyzer offers a customized dashboard that allows users to track and analyze key metrics related to patent litigation, such as case filings, outcomes, and damages.

Comparison With Competitors

Users can compare their patent litigation performance with that of their competitors, allowing them to identify areas for improvement and potential opportunities.

Risk Assessment

The Litigation Analyzer enables users to assess the potential risks and opportunities associated with their patent portfolios and make data-driven decisions based on that analysis.

Data Visualization

The Litigation Analyzer presents data in easy-to-understand visualizations, making it easier for users to identify trends and patterns in patent litigation activity.

Litigation Analyzer helps your business move forward in the market

Comprehensive view of patent litigation
Litigation Analyzer provides users with a detailed overview of patent litigation activity across various jurisdictions, enabling patent litigators, attorneys, and corporations to stay informed about litigation trends and assess the potential risks and opportunities associated with their patent portfolios.
Data-driven decision making
By evaluating and measuring numerous metrics related to patent litigation, Litigation Analyzer helps users make informed decisions based on data, rather than relying on guesswork or intuition. This allows for a more strategic approach to patent litigation, reducing risks and increasing the chances of success.
Competitive edge
With Litigation Analyzer, patent litigators and attorneys can stay ahead of their competitors by gaining a deeper understanding of their own litigation efforts as well as those of their rivals. This allows for more effective strategy development and execution, resulting in better outcomes for clients and increased success in the marketplace.
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