Research Studies

Expert Crowdsourced Research Studies for Your Needs

Current Studies
Partner with our global network of 10,000+ experts from diverse industries for comprehensive research studies. We collaborate closely to understand your unique needs and goals, crowdsourcing most qualified experts to meet them.
Specifically Designed to Conduct Research Studies on:
IP Due Diligence
Crowdsourced studies for prior art, evidence of use, and patent mining helping the evaluation of intellectual property assets and risk mitigation.
Market Entry and Access
Encompasses market access, go-to-market strategy, and pricing optimization to ensure successful market entry and maximized revenue potential.
Market Analysis
We offer market research and competitive analysis to provide valuable industry insights for informed decision-making and effective market positioning.
Strategic Planning
We support businesses in refining objectives, identifying opportunities, and crafting robust action plans for sustainable growth and success.
Harness the Power of a Global Network of Experts
Our process is tailored to meet specific needs and goals, ensuring reliable and accurate results through rigorous quality control while providing fast turnaround times. We offer cost-effective pricing and maintain strict confidentiality to protect our clients' sensitive information.
It Works in Three Simple Steps
At our firm, we follow a rigorous process to find the right expert witnesses for our clients. Here are the main steps:
Step 1
Initial Consultation
We collaborate with you to thoroughly discuss your IP research needs and goals, including the study type and other relevant details.
Step 2
We leverage our diverse and expansive global community of over 10,000 experts to conduct either private or public studies.
Step 3
Synthesis and Delivery
We present comprehensive and actionable findings, providing valuable information to make informed decisions about your IP strategy and direction.
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