Ada Genavia
Apr 13, 2012

NASA develops new biofuel energy system using algae and plastic bags

NASA has taken an interest in alternative energy and has recently been experimenting with hydrogen, solar and wind power. NASA has also found an interest in biofuels and their production. The agency unveiled a new system that is capable of growing massive amounts of algae. These algae can be used for biofuel production and NASA believes that the system could be the beginning for a new energy source. The system is comprised of nothing more than giant plastic bags. These bags contain small amounts of algae, enough to spawn a large colony if ideal conditions are present. Researchers pump wastewater and carbon dioxide into these plastic bags, which the algae consume and produce biofuel as a byproduct. NASA researchers believe that if it were situated near a waste processing facility it would be capable of producing more than 2,000 gallons of biofuel per year.