Ada Genavia
Apr 6, 2012

Petrobras and the Federal University of RN inaugurate a pilot plant to cultivate microalgae for biofuel

Petrobras and the Federal Unversity of Grande do Norte inaugurated a pilot plant in Extremoz (state of Rio Grande do Norte) for microalgae cultivation for biodiesel production. This will initiate further research on microalgae as a potential alternative for producing biodiesel. Microalgae production and research is one the the company's priority research projects as it is also active in CO2 capture and cleaning water. The facilities contains tanks with a 4,000 liter capacity for algae cultivation. The plant will allow further studies to be carried out on algae productivity and on oil content under climatic conditions in Rio Grande do Norte. The project has discovered about 10 species of microalgae capable of growing in oil production water and cultivated in tanks.