DETONICS USA | Trademark Number 78587087

Current Filing Basis1a
Original Filing Basis1b
Filing DateMar 14, 2005
Published For Opposition DateJun 27, 2006
Registration Date-
Abandonment DateMar 20, 2008
International Class(es)040 - Treatment of materials
U.S. Class(es)100 - Miscellaneous
Type of MarkService Mark
Registration Number0000000
Law Firm
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The mark consists of A black triangle with a white serpent inside and the word "detonics" directly below the triangle, followed by the letters "USA" underneath the word "DETONICS" in larger font.
03.21.02 - Snakes
26.05.21 - Triangles that are completely or partially shaded
26.17.02 - Wavy line(s), band(s) or bar(s)
26.05.02 - Triangles, plain single line
03.21.24 - Stylized reptiles, frogs and snails
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