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Patent Prosecution | Mar 1, 2020
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Note: $14,995 is the base price (firms or companies with a small portfolio). Please contact us to get a quote for your organization (the price is a function of portfolio size, and the number of licenses).

Patent Analyzer is our powerful engine that evaluates and measures numerous metrics related to patent prosecution.  The tool is designed and optimized to help patent attorneys, law firms, and corporations measure their performance and compare that with other law firms or companies.

Because of its powerful law firm patent revenue or corporation patent expense estimation and modeling, the tool is often used for business development and prosecution optimization.

Case Studies
Patent Analyzer enables you to evaluate and analyze the US Patent Data and US Examiner Data. Here are some case studies we conducted using this powerful tool:

  1. Ways to differentiate your patent practice (Patexia Insight 55)
  2. Fastest Growing Patent Prosecution Firms (2019) (Patexia Insight 56)
  3. Best Performing Patent Firms (2019) (Patexia Insight 57)
  4. Firms with the Largest Drop in Patent Work (2019) (Patexia Insight 59)
  5. USPTO Art Units with the Highest and Lowest Allowance Rates (Patexia Insight 19)
  6. Firms with the Highest and Lowest Extension Requests (Patexia Insight 62)
  7. Fastest Growing Companies by Patents (2014-2018) (Patexia Insight 63)
  8. Cost and performance comparison of a company's patent firms (Patexia Insight 77)
  9. Patent Firms with the Largest Growth and Decline (2020) (Patexia Insight 78)
  10. Impact of Coronavirus on IP and Patents (Patexia Insight 79)
  11. Portfolios with the Highest Cost of Prosecution (Patexia Insight 80).

Simple User Interface and Robust Filter
The tool has designed by our engineers to maximize productivity. Its simple user interface has been designed and optimized over years to provide the best user experience. It allows the user to slice and dice the data easily over time and from many angles. 

The ability to filter the data by the law firm, assignee, examiner, application type, application status, filing or disposition dates, IPC or USPC, Art Unit or Technology Center are just a few ways that users review their data.

Powerful Multi-Layer Grouping
Multi-layer grouping is a very useful feature provided by the tool. Users can group the information by Law Firm, Assignee, Examiner, Art Unit, Technology Center, IPC Code, USPC Code, Filing or Disposition Year, Country, ...

Prosecution Performance and Cost Signals
More than 20 signals such as office actions, extensions, appeals, RCEs, estimated law firms fees, USPTO fees, maintenance fees, ... can be calculated for each patent and displayed individually or in aggregate form for law firms, companies, art units, technology centers, examiners, ....

Visualization, Reporting, and Data Export
Data can be charted over time or exported up to 500 rows in a CSV report. The filter and grouping options can be saved for future use.

License and Seats
The standard subscription comes with three (3) seats. Firms and companies that need more seats for their team, please contact us for more information.

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Unlock Exclusive Benefits
For Law Firms
Stay competitive
Use IP analytics from the report to better market your patent litigation practice.
Negotiate effectively
Leverage the stats provided in this report to emphasize your strengths for potential clients.
Stand out in your clients' eyes
Get ranked in the report to be qualified as a top authority in your field.
For Companies
Choose the right IP counsel
Explore our rankings to find an IP attorney or law firm with the best performance for your patent litigation matter.
Make informed decisions
Gain expert insight from the data provided in the report for your IP protection needs.
Know the IP sector leaders
Get first-hand knowledge of the IP experts who scored in the top 5 percentile in their respective categories.