Alejandro Freixes
Nov 29, 2011

VIDEO: TED's Chris Anderson illuminates how Youtube is driving innovation

TED's Chris Anderson explores how crucial Youtube is to a new generation of innovators. He refers to his idea as "Crowd Accelerated Innovation" and sees the increased interactivity and access of internet video capabilities as a catalyst for both current and future innovations. Three steps lead to this unique cross-pollination of ideas: the "crowd", the "light" that is shone on them via exposure/accessibility, and then the "desire" they fuel for imitation and improvement.  Chris categorizes people in the crowd as either innovators, commenters, trend-spotters, cheerleaders, skeptics, mavericks, or superspreaders, each fulfilling a function in the interconnected web of idea sharing. By daring to expose our inner dreams and revelations, Chris believes the speed at which we develop new ideas is exponentially increasing. Cisco predicts that over 90% of internet interaction in the future will be via video.