Jayendra Dabhi
Dec 30, 2017

US20130281879: Determination of whether a luciferian can be rehabilitated

Patent Application is related to accurate capability for determining whether a Luciferian may be rehabilitated.

As per Patent Specification (Paragraph: 0006), Luciferian mean...

  • A person, who commits destructive acts.
  • A Luciferian is a type of sociopath.
  • He has severe behavioral problems that are masked by good psychological adjustment.
  • He appears on the outside to be sane but he is not.
  • A Luciferian is fundamentally unhappy and feels enmity toward others but has learned that, for him, pleasure can be had from achieving his selfish desires such as destroying material objects or relationships, and causing others pain, distress, or unhappiness.
  • A Luciferian realizes his desires by any means without consideration for others and without remorse.
  • A Luciferian is a person lacking in conscience and loyalty to others.
  • He commonly employs manipulation and deceit to achieve his desired end and is therefore capable of acts that could be highly destructive to those that interact with him.
  • A Luciferian, therefore, typically experiences pleasure or gratification in situations where “normal” people would be repulsed or disturbed.