Nareen Melkonian
Mar 27, 2012

University of Cincinnati researchers test new predictive software to increase efficiency and lower costs in wind-turbine operations

University of Cincinnati researchers have been conducting real-world tests of new predictive software that increases efficiency and lowers costs when it comes to commercial wind-turbine operations. The test results, which analyze two years’ worth of operating and environmental data from a commercial wind turbine, have just been published in the Journal of Renewable Energy, along with information on the predictive maintenance software. Since the production of wind-derived renewable energy is growing, it is important to help wind farm owners operate at higher efficiencies with lower costs. Figures from the World Wind Energy Association report that installed global capacity for wind-energy production was approximately 240,000 megawatts of power in 2011, up nearly ten fold since 2001. The UC researchers continue to track and analyze the operation and environmental factors of three more commercial megawatt-class wind turbines, data from which will be used to validate these initial findings.