Elisabeth Manville
May 30, 2012

Treatment grows with children suffering from severe scoliosis

A novel procedure for young children with severe scoliosis has received CE marking, meaning it meets European safety, health and environmental protection standards. The surgical procedure, part of the SHILLA Growth Guidance System, developed by Medtronic, is specifically designed for growing children, allowing for natural growth of their bodies. When initial methods of treatment for scoliosis such as braces and casts do not work, the spine can be fused via surgery. Although corrective, fusion inhibits spinal growth, which in some cases can lead to problems with lung function. Other surgical treatments require frequent procedures. In an attempt to solve these problems, the SHILLA procedure provides spinal stabilization and maintains curve correction while allowing for longitudinal spinal growth. This is accomplished through a rod and screw based system which slides as the patient grows.

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