Mikele Bicolli
Dec 14, 2022

Samsung May Release a "SELF REPAIR ASSISTANT" App, Trademark Application Shows

Two weeks ago, SamMobile broke the news that Samsung had just filed a new trademark application trying to obtain protection for the mark “Self Repair Assistant.” The application indicates that this will refer to a computer application software for mobile phones for self-repair, self-installation, and self-maintenance of smartphones, smart watches, tablet computers, earbuds, and other electrical and electronic apparatus and equipment. The app’s logo is also included and consists of a cogwheel and a wrench on a blue background. But what does Samsung seem to be working given this trademark application?

From the application description, we understand that Samsung intends to introduce a self-repair app that will provide users with useful information and guides on how to repair their devices. This move comes after they partnered with iFixit, which gave Samsung owners access to genuine parts as well as step-by-step guides allowing them to repair the products themselves.

In recent years, the right to self-repair has become a hot topic, sparkling debates with arguments in favor and against it. On July 9, 2021, an executive order on “Promoting Competition in the American Economy” was issued. It covered the restrictions manufacturers imposed that prevented device repairs by their own users or independent repair shops. Several manufacturers, including Apple and Samsung, expressed their concerns with this order; however, in November 2021, Apple announced that they were working on their Self Repair Service and made it available from April 27, 2022.

Since many companies file for trademarks and just a part of them are actually converted into products,  there is no telling that this application will ultimately deliver the app to Samsung users. However, given that their main competitor is already offering a similar app and service, it’s safe to say that Samsung is seriously considering this feature for their users and will probably deliver it soon.