Casey Kristin Frye
Nov 16, 2011

Results on Amgen drug XGEVA

Amgen announced the results from a phase 3 trial of their drug XGEVA. The drug accomplished what it was designed to do and significantly delayed or prevented bone metastasis in men who have prostate cancer. This study is the first to show that targeting the bone microenvironment prevents bone metastasis in men who have prostate cancer. Amgen filed a supplemental Biological License Application in order to be able to treat more men with prostate cancer and prevent the onset of bone metastasis. If approved by the Food and Drug Administration, XGEVA will be the first drug of its kind to prevent and/or delay the spread of cancer to the bone; nearly a decade has passed since a novel treatment has been available for cancer patients with bone metastasis.      


SOURCE: Amgen Press Release