Andy Bosyi
Mar 18, 2014

Private Study: Guaranteed Rewards

It’s an impatient world out there. Sometimes the important questions in the intellectual property come with urgent deadlines. When our clients need high specificity and discrete confidentiality from our platform, we are going to go to the best of our best experts.

To that end, we’re excited to be announcing our new Private Study addition to our Contest platform. A unique blend of our crowdsourcing Contest and consulting Connect platforms, this new Private Study will offer our clients a report in their hands at the speed they need it, while still keeping our characteristic accuracy and thoroughness.

That does mean some extra effort from our experts with quick responses to the study, rapid turnaround on their research, and polished treatment to their explanations. But in exchange, we’re going to guarantee a prize payment to every participating member in these private studies.

These Private Studies will be on an invite-only basis to pre-approved members. Invitations have been sent out to our initial roster of subject matter experts. While we won’t be accepting additional experts for these first few studies, we will be looking for opportunities to open up the approval process to everyone. including seeking out new invitees based on their background (such as foreign language proficiency) and their Contest performance.

So in the meantime, keep participating in our Contests including our 6 studies closing this weekend and we can’t wait to open this new service to everyone!


The Patexia Team