Phthalates in PVC floors are a health risk to children

Karlstad University conducted a recent study showing the effect of phthalates from PVC flooring in infants. Phthalates are chemical compounds which are present in construction materials, toys, cleaners, packaging, etc. These compounds are important in the manufacture of chemicals. However, previous studies discovered that uptake of these disrupt hormones, leading to development of chronic diseases like asthma and allergies. This study investigated the possibility of infant phthalates uptake from flooring materials using PVC. Urine samples of eighty-three children between two to six months old from Varmland in western Sweden were analyzed. High levels of the phthalate MBzP, a BBzP metabolite, were found in urine of babies whose bedroom floors had PVC materials. Results showed that phthalates can be transferred to the body through ingestion, breathing and skin contact.