Ada Genavia
Apr 20, 2012

Next generation jet engine gives more lift and cleaner tech to jumbo airbus

The world's largest passenger jet Airbus A380, launched in 2007, is now powered with a jet engine that matches its behemoth size and power. Weighing at about 617 tons and fully loaded with the capacity to seat 850 people, this aircraft needs a reliable power source. Engine Alliance has developed the GP 7200. This jet engine combines the latest technology and materials from each of the company's most successful engines, the GE90 and PW4000. The GP7200 may sound like a massive fuel burner, however it is exactly the opposite. This new and advanced engine helps the plane to burn less fuel, saving millions in fuel cost, reducing CO2 emissions and lowering noise. This results in the A380 being a greener addition to the atmosphere.