Nareen Melkonian
Jan 31, 2012

IBM announces decision to acquire Israeli mobile software, Worklight

Today, IBM announced their acquisition of Worklight, an Israeli based provider of mobile software for smartphones and tablets. This move will allow IBM to offer its clients additional speed and security. Through Worklight, existing and new mobile application transfers to other devices will become faster, and smartphone and tablet application connections will become safer. IBM's general manager, Marie Wieck, stated that advanced mobility is crucial to their clients' businesses as any workforce and customer base increases pressure to meet growing demands. Wieck assured the public that "smarter mobile enterprises reaching new markets" is exactly what IBM, by acquiring Worklight, will help its clients achieve. Right now, IBM assists the world's top 20 communications service providers in running their applications; and even more so, it affects over one billion mobile phone subscribers like you and me. Large IT systems and individual mobile devices both will gain more efficient and protected mobility as IBM grows its collection of software and services.