Pedram Sameni
Oct 3, 2013

How to Lose $4,000 in a Patexia Contest?

Recently one of our users had a chance to take home $4,000 cash as the top prize from one of our contests. Unfortunately, He ended up missing out of the prize pool entirely. How? 

The first reference that was submitted was solid and it was able to answer almost all of the contest questions. Detailed explanations were provided and the research team was quite impressed by the quality of the answers. The weighted relevancy score for this reference was 87. Now, where was the problem? 

Four more references were submitted as part of the total contest entry. Unlike the first reference, these documents were not nearly as good and this brought down the average weighted relevancy score to a mediocre 58. Patexia uses the average weighted relevancy score in the final contest rankings so this user was left on the outside looking in.

Again, we want to emphasize the fact that we are looking for QUALITY rather than QUANTITY. Of course you are welcome to submit more than one reference to a contest, however just be sure that everything you include as part of your entry is something that you consider prize-worthy. If only the first reference had been submitted in this scenario, the user would have walked away $4,000 richer.