Leyla Raiani
May 1, 2012

Green nanotechnology could enhance medication delivery

Researchers at McLean Hospital have shown a new category of "green" nanoparticles, non-toxic, protein-based particles that can non-invasively cross the blood brain barrier and are capable of transporting various types of drugs.The study reported that clathrin protein, a ubiquitous protein found in human, animal, plant, bacteria and fungi cells, can been modified for use as a nanoparticle. Clathrin is the body's primary delivery vehicle responsible for delivering many different types of molecules into cells. This new study provides a fresh insight into utilizing bioengineered clathrin protein as a novel nanoplatform that passes the blood brain barrier. The researchers were able to show that the clathrin nanoparticles could be non-invasively delivered to the central nervous system in animals.