Mikele Bicolli
Feb 12, 2024

German Court Issues Injunction Against Intel Chips Sale Amid Patent Dispute

Patent Litigation

A recent ruling by a court in Germany has sent shockwaves through the technology industry, as it has ordered an injunction against the sale of certain Intel chips. This decision comes after a legal battle between Intel and a US-based rival company, R2 Semiconductor, which accused Intel of patent infringement.

The regional court in Düsseldorf, Germany, sided with R2 Semiconductor, a technology group headquartered in Palo Alto, California, in the patent dispute against Intel. The court found in favor of R2 Semiconductor, issuing an injunction against Intel's sale of chips containing the disputed technology.

The specific patent in question pertains to voltage-regulating technology in chips, a critical component in modern computing devices. R2 Semiconductor had previously secured a legal victory in the German Federal Patent Court, which upheld the validity of its patent. However, it's worth noting that R2 Semiconductor has faced legal challenges in the US and has initiated similar patent litigation in the UK.

The injunction could potentially lead to a ban on the sale of HP and Dell products that incorporate the Intel chips at the center of the dispute. This development underscores the significance of the ruling and its potential impact on the broader technology ecosystem.

Both Intel and R2 Semiconductor have issued statements regarding the ruling. Intel expressed disappointment with the decision and intends to appeal, while also criticizing R2 Semiconductor's litigation tactics. On the other hand, R2 Semiconductor's CEO, David Fisher, defended the company's actions, emphasizing Intel's alleged infringement of its patents.

The ramifications of this ruling extend beyond the immediate legal battle between Intel and R2 Semiconductor. It highlights the complexities of patent disputes in the technology sector and the potential for significant disruption to businesses and consumers.

As the legal proceedings continue, the technology industry will closely monitor developments, recognizing the broader implications for intellectual property rights, competition, and innovation in the global marketplace.


Originally published on Financial Times