Knobbe Martens
Mar 23, 2020

Exact Sciences Acquires Paradigm and Viomics

On March 3, 2020, Exact Sciences announced completion of its acquisition of Paradigm Diagnostics, Inc. and Viomics, Inc., privately held companies based in Phoenix, AZ. According to Exact Sciences, Paradigm and Viomics together provide a differentiated late-stage therapy selection test and deep competencies in sequencing and biomarker discovery, extending Exact Sciences’ lab testing and research and development capabilities.

According to Kevin Conroy, Chairman and CEO of Exact Sciences:

According to Paradigm Diagnostics, its core product, Paradigm Cancer Diagnostic (PCDx) test, can provide genomic and proteomic information about a patient’s cancer, allowing oncologists to personalize each patient’s course of treatment. The PCDx test can provide a comprehensive genetic result in three to five business days, often on specimens with a very limited amount of tumor.

According to AZBio, Viomics, Inc. was founded by David Mallery and Scott Morris, chief scientific officer. Viomics provides extensive sequencing capabilities and expertise in identifying unique biomarkers that can indicate presence of cancer in solid tissue or blood.

Exact Sciences describes itself as one of leading providers in cancer screening and diagnostic tests. Its products include Cologuard, a multitarget stool DNA test, that was FDA approved back in 2014 as recommended option for adults over the age of 50. In September of 2019, FDA expanded its previous approval for ages 50 or over by approving Cologuard for eligible average-risk individuals ages 45 or older. Since launch, Cologuard has screened over 2 million people, and detected over 10,000 early-stage cancers and over 70,000 pre-cancerous polyps, according to Exact Sciences.

Written by: Sean S. Kim