Ada Genavia
Apr 9, 2012

ESA & ON Semiconductor will develop next-generation star tracker CMOS image sensor

ON Semiconductor, a supplier of silicon solutions for energy-efficient electronics, and the European Space Agency (ESA) are jointly developing High Accuracy Star Tracker 3 (HAS3). The next-generation complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) image sensor is designed to be a radiation-tolerant CMOS image sensor featuring low read noise and 14-bit performance. The HAS3 sensor will support multiple windowing, will be available in a fully hermetic sealed package and will have the option for backside illumination. Applications for the HAS3 device will include star trackers, sun sensors and other scientific applications. ON Semiconductor’s existing HAS2 CIS, developed and qualified under the General Support Technology Program of the ESA, is designed for Attitude and Orbit Control (AOCS) space applications. The next-generation HAS3 being jointly developed with the ESA is expected to equip a new generation of APS Star Tracker.