Alejandro Freixes
Jan 24, 2012

Court denies Apple's bid to ban Samsung Galaxy in Netherlands

Samsung has won a battle against Apple this week in the Netherlands, where a Dutch court has denied Apple's bid to ban Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. This ruling, however, comes approximately five months after a different Dutch court ruled against Samsung smartphones with a preliminary injunction against Samsung Galaxy smartphones across the EU. The dispute centers primarily on the fine line between Apple's right to protection and Samsung's freedom to compete. Samsung has expressed its satisfaction with the ruling in the Netherlands today by stating, "Samsung welcomes today's ruling by the court in the Hague, which affirms the August 2011 ruling that the design of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is distinctive and does not infringe Apple's intellectual property rights. This ruling again demonstrates that Apple's products simply do not warrant the intellectual property protections that it believes."