Kyle Hoellger
Nov 12, 2013

Contest Rules Page and Leaderboard

A New Home for the Contest Rules
Over the past few months we have made some changes to our contest rules, specifically regarding how we will select and pay contest winners and runners up. The driving force behind these changes, as with most things here at Patexia, was transparency and fairness to you, our valued community members. To make sure that everything is as clear as possible we have aggregated all the contest rules and guidelines into a single page, which can be viewed here. We encourage you to read over the entire list of rules before submitting to a contest and to keep your eyes open for any additions or changes that may take place as we will continue to respond to your feedback.

Contest Leaderboard
On your way to the new rules page you may have come across the new Contest Leaderboard. From now on this list will be continuously updated as each open contest closes. If you're interested to see how you stack up you can sort this list by both average score and total prize money won. To avoid any confusion that "Latest Contest" column represents a user's last submission, not necessarily the last contest that they won or placed in as a runner up.

What's Next
The Patexia team is working on developing individualized user dashboards which will contain a summary of all past and present contests that you have entered. We are also looking to include a live status feature which will allow you to see the status of your entry and your final score and contest rankings much quicker. Stay tuned as we expect to roll this out before the end of the year.

Keep up the good work and happy hunting.