Alejandro Freixes
Mar 15, 2012

Chubu Electric develops high-sensitivity crack depth gauge for narrow places

Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. and Tohoku University have successfully developed a “high-sensitivity crack depth gauge for narrow places,” which makes it easy to find the depths of cracks in narrow parts of metal components. Metal components used in bridges and other structures, in oil and chemical plants, in power generation facilities, etc. can develop cracks as a result of metal fatigue, corrosion and so on following long-term use, etc. Maintaining such facilities requires correctly determining crack status, but cracks often have complex shapes and occur in narrow places like corners, so it is difficult to measure their size (depth) with existing technologies like ultrasound method. The recently developed “high-sensitivity crack depth gauge for narrow places” uses a DC potential difference method that was intended for use with cracks on flat surfaces. In contrast to earlier technology, a technique has been newly developed that estimates crack depths in corners based on the route through which direct current flows, the position at which potential difference is measured, and the value measured for the potential difference. This can greatly expand the range of application.