Mikele Bicolli
Feb 13, 2024

Chanel Emerges Victorious in Trademark Infringement Case Against What Goes Around Comes Around

After a protracted legal battle spanning six years, Chanel triumphed over luxury secondhand boutique What Goes Around Comes Around in a multi-faceted lawsuit. The lawsuit, initiated in 2018, saw Chanel assert its rights on multiple fronts, including trademark infringement, sale of counterfeit products, and false advertising.

A New York jury unanimously ruled in favor of Chanel on all counts, ordering What Goes Around Comes Around to pay $4 million in statutory damages under the Lanham Act. The victory marks a significant milestone for Chanel, underscoring its relentless commitment to safeguarding its brand integrity and protecting consumers from counterfeit goods and false representations.

Throughout the trial, Chanel contended that What Goes Around Comes Around utilized Chanel's branding materials and trademarks on social media, misleading customers with assurances of authenticity on products not endorsed by Chanel. The verdict sends a strong message to the resale market, emphasizing the importance of transparency in authentication processes and the potential repercussions of misleading consumers.

While What Goes Around Comes Around expressed disappointment with the verdict and intends to pursue post-verdict motions, the outcome underscores the complexities and tensions inherent in the relationship between luxury fashion houses and resellers. Moving forward, this landmark ruling may prompt greater caution among resellers and underscore the need for rigorous authentication practices to mitigate legal risks in an evolving marketplace.

As Justice Louis Stanto prepares to consider further damages, both parties await the next phase of the legal proceedings. Chanel's victory sets a precedent for heightened scrutiny and accountability within the resale industry, signaling a shift towards greater legal vigilance and consumer protection in the luxury fashion market.

Original article published by Fashionista