Ann Conkle
Apr 17, 2012

Abbott’s investigational treatment for advanced Parkinson’s disease has positive trial

Today, Abbott announced the results from a Phase 3 trial evaluating the company's investigational compound for advanced Parkinson's disease, levodopa-carbidopa intestinal gel (LCIG). The study showed that patients treated with LCIG for 12 weeks reported significant improvements in "off" time (periods of poor mobility, slowness and stiffness) compared to levodopa-carbidopa immediate release (IR) tablets, without increasing troublesome dyskinesia. The study compared LCIG with the standard IR tablets. LCIG contains the same medication as the tablet, but is delivered straight to the intestine through an implanted tube and external, portable pump. Mean "off" time at 12 weeks decreased by four hours per day with LCIG, an average of 1.91 fewer hours of "off" time compared to levodopa-carbidopa IR tablets.