Mikele Bicolli
Feb 27, 2024

French Court Finds Medtrum's Clinical Trials Infringe Insulet's Patent

In a groundbreaking decision, the Judicial Court of Paris has ruled that clinical trials can constitute patent infringement, a verdict with significant implications for the medical device industry. The case involved Insulet, a US-based medical device manufacturer, and Medtrum, a Chinese company specializing in diabetes management.

At the heart of the dispute was Insulet's patent for an insulin delivery system designed for diabetes patients. The court found that Medtrum's A6 and A7+ TouchCare devices infringed upon Insulet's valid patent. However, what sets this ruling apart is the court's determination that Medtrum's use of the infringing product during its clinical trial phase amounted to patent infringement.

This decision marks a departure from traditional patent infringement cases, where infringement is typically established once the infringing products are commercially available in the market. In this instance, the court found infringement based on Medtrum's use of the devices in clinical trials, even before they were released for sale.

The significance of this ruling extends beyond the immediate case between Insulet and Medtrum. It underscores the importance of carefully navigating patent issues throughout the entire product development lifecycle, including the pre-market testing phase. Companies conducting clinical trials must now be vigilant about potential patent infringement risks, even during the experimental phase. 


A version of this article was initially published by Juve Patent.