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Dr. Samir S. Soliman received his B.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics both with honors from Ain Shames University, Cairo, Egypt, and M.S and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California, Los Angeles. From August 1983 to May 1990, he was with the Department of Electrical Engineering, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas where he taught advanced courses in radar detection and communication theory. During the Summer of 1990, Dr. Soliman consulted for Bell Northern Research. He joined QUALCOMM Incorporated in October 1990 and has participated in research and development of subscriber stations for wireless terminals, advanced features for GPS in phones, Ultra-Wideband, and short range communications systems. He also developed the hybrid position location approach to meet the FCC E911 mandate for wireless devices and to meet commercial location services requirements. Dr. Soliman has contributed key innovations that have been at the forefront of the wireless telecommunications industry. He thrives in pushing technology boundaries and has excellent people skills. A prolific inventor with 2066 filed applications worldwide, more than 179 US issued patents and more than 200 pending applications including significant contributions to: LTE, WCDMA, CDMA, GPS, UWB, WLAN, Bluetooth and RFID. He provided technical leadership from concept through prototype while reporting to the Chief Scientist of the company for sixteen years. Since February 2016, Dr. Soliman is running his ALL WIRELESS COMSULTANCY Company. Dr. Soliman is available to consult as expert witness in patents litigation cases and patent portfolio valuation.