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S. Soliman,B. Song, I. Hwang, Digitally Controlled Analog Wideband Interference Cancellation for In-Device Spectrum Sharing and Aggregation. "IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications": November 2016; Vol. 34, Issue 11: 2838-2850..
S. Soliman,B. song, Fifth generation (5G)cellular and the network for tomorrow: cognitive and cooperative approach for energy savings. "Journal of Network and Computer Applications/Elsevier": December 2016;
S. Soliman,I. Hwang, B. Song, A Holistic View on Hyper-Dense Heterogeneous and Small Cell Networks. "IEEE Communicatins Magazine": June 2013; Vol. 51, Issue 6: 20-27.
S. Soliman,M.A. Tasssoudji,L. Golovanvsky,A. Mohammadian, Closed-Form Method for Predicting Mutual Coupling Between Base-Station Dipole Arrays. "IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology": May 2007; Vol. 56, Issue 3: 1088-1099.
S. Soliman,C. E. Wheatley, Geolocation technologies and applications for third generation wireless. "Wiley InterScience Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing": May 2002; Vol. 2, Issue 3: 229-251.
S. Soliman, S. Das,Y. Haung, E. Park, Circuit-Switched Voice over Scalable UMTS. "IEEE Tenth International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Communications": June 2014;
S. Soliman,Y. Haung, B. Song, Adaptive fast dormancy for energy efficient wireless packet data communications. "2013 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)": June 2013; 60194-60199.
S. Soliman,S. Das,D. Singh, CSG proximity detection enhancement using out-of-band radio of Home NodeB. "4th International Congress on Ultra-Modern Telecommunications and Control Systems and Workshops ": October 2012; 160-167.