ApplicationTitleIssuance Date
16255355Display device with touch detection function and electronic apparatusMar 31, 2020
15838474Location-based healthcare collaboration, data management and access...Mar 31, 2020
15848332Graphical user interface using color spectrum to map sentimentsMar 31, 2020
16428225Nonvolatile memory device, data storage device and operating method...Mar 31, 2020
16456753Detecting and handling solicited IO traffic microbursts in a fibre...Mar 31, 2020
15983088Releasing space allocated to a space efficient target storage in a...Mar 31, 2020
16387073Dynamic range control for a wide variety of playback environmentsMar 31, 2020
16672764Media playback system with concurrent voice assistanceMar 31, 2020
15825494Handling effective address synonyms in a load-store unit that...Mar 31, 2020
15843086Enhancing virtual machine performance using autonomicsMar 31, 2020
15596709Job scheduling and monitoring in a distributed computing environmentMar 31, 2020
16003214Domain and event type-specific consensus process for a distributed...Mar 31, 2020
15218216Personalizing error messages based on user behaviorMar 31, 2020
15454000System and method of collecting serviceability data in containers...Mar 31, 2020
14965288Creation of consistent copies of application dataMar 31, 2020
16142732Metadata recovery for de-duplicated dataMar 31, 2020
15444088Mirroring writes of records to maintain atomicity for writing a...Mar 31, 2020
15257884Framework for detecting source code anomaliesMar 31, 2020
15625336Sharing virtual and real translations in a virtual cacheMar 31, 2020
15147896Bus systemMar 31, 2020