Patents and Patent Types

Patexia IP Matters Web Series: Patents and Patent Types

May 9th 2013 at 10:30AM PT

Speaker: Daniel Porter, Case Research Manager at Patexia



Note: This webinar is now over. You can see the list of past and upcoming webinars  here. The slides and recording from this webinar are available below.


In 2011, spending by Apple and Google on patents exceeded spending on research and development of new products.

IP Matters.

There are actually THREE different basic kinds of patents.  When most people think of a patent, they're probably thinking of what's called a utility patent, a patent issued for invention of a new machine, process, ...

But you can also patent designs (these design patents were very important in the recent Apple vs. Samsung case) and PLANTS!

All of these patents have several parts too (drawings, abstract, background of the invention, etc.) but most of these parts don't have significant relevance to the legal enforceability of the patent.

In a patent infringement case, it's only the CLAIMS that matter.

Claims define how patents are legally enforceable, and what constitutes patent infringement.

Understanding the legal nature of patents is important when trying to ensure your freedom to operate or ability to patent your invention.

Our next webinar will teach you more of the basics of patent knowledge, focusing on patents and patent types

Register for the webinar to learn more about:

  • The three different types of patents
  • Parts of a patent and what each part contributes to the whole
  • Different kinds of applications and when to use them
  • How you can use all of this patent knowledge to IMPROVE your patent search skills

You're going to learn a lot in 20 minutes. Don't worry if you didn't watch the previous patent webinar, we'll start off with a recap. We'll even take questions afterwards.

The event will be invite only, you MUST register to get a ticket. Registration is free and only takes a minute.


About the Speaker: Daniel Porter joined Patexia’s team in May 2012 and now manages case research and content for the site. He holds a degree in Physics from Cornell University, is a published research author in the field of fluid dynamics, and has more than two years of scientific and technical writing experience.





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