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Patent Monetization - Patexia IP Matters Web Series

June 13th, 2013 at 10:30AM PT

Speaker: Peter Kim, Principal at Irvine Pointe



In 2011, spending by Apple and Google on patents exceeded spending on research and development of new products.

IP Matters.

If the sale of Nortel's patent assets for a whopping $4.5 billion can teach us anything it's this: patents have value.

But many similar patent assets lie "dormant"  in companies IP portfolios, underutilized because of the challenges of monetizing patents.

Monetization of your patents is no small task. In fact, we've argued that the PAE industry has exists because of this: they have the patent monetizing expertise that most companies and research organizations don't.

As we pointed out in a previous article, at the end of 2011 the University of California tech transfer office held a total of 2,104 active licensing agreements and generated a total revenue of $164.6M. By comparison, Acacia Research has completed more than 1,180 licensing agreements, generating $250.7M in 2012 alone.[1].

There's A LOT to learn about how to best monetize patents.  How do you decide between either selling or licensing patents (selling patents has some unique advantages over licensing patents)? How should a patent owner think about this important decision? What are the most current strategies for this issue?

Peter Kim is an expert in monetizing patents. He's is a principal at Irvine Pointe and former Director of IP Strategy at Rambus. In this installment of the IP Matters web series, he'll provide 20-minute coverage of key issues in patent monetization.

The webinar will include:

  • Overview of licensing patents vs. selling patents
  • What are the advantages of selling patents?
  • What are the advantages of licensing patents?
  • What risks come with either strategy?
  • How should a patent owner think about this decision?


About the Speaker: Peter Kim is a Principal at Irvine Pointe. He has over a decade of industry experience with two publicly-traded IP licensing companies and two venture-backed patent monetization startups. He was Director of IP Strategy at Rambus (RMBS), responsible for driving future revenue growth through strategic semiconductor patent acquisitions. Peter also worked for Acacia Research (ACTG), IPVALUE, and Walker Digital. He is a co-inventor on 8 U.S.patents. Peter holds a B.S. from New York University, Stern School of Business.


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[2] Image courtesy Mukumbura