Patent and Prior Art Webinar

Patexia Web Series: Patents and Prior Art 101

March 14th 2013 at 10:30AM PST

Speaker: Pedram Sameni, CEO and Founder of Patexia

Note: This webinar is now over. You can see the list of past and upcoming webinars as well as the slides and recording from this webinar here or view it below.



In 2011, spending by Apple and Google on patents exceeded spending on research and development of new products.

IP Matters. Do you know as much as you should?


Whether your a patent professional or a technologist, a strong understanding of patent matters is critical to your success. That's why we're starting the Patexia Web Seriesan exclusive IP educational resource for Patexia members.

Designed to build the foundation of intellectual property knowledge, this first webinar will cover the basics of patents and prior art. It's going to be a valuable introduction for new researchers, but will also be of benefit to experienced members.

The webinar will give you:

  • The basics of patent research (types of patents, components, and patentability) so you understand what it really takes to get a patent;

  • an understanding of prior art, so you can compete with the best in Patexia's contests;

  • our favorite search tips, that might even give you a leg up on your next submission, or at work;

  • and more...

The webinar will last 20 minutes and we'll take questions afterwards.


About the Speaker: Pedram Sameni is CEO and founder of Patexia. He founded Patexia in 2010 with the mission of bringing more transparency, efficiency and value to the IP world. Prior to this, Pedram worked for several high-tech companies, including PMC-Sierra and Foveon, in different capacities. He managed the IP department at International Rectifier, with more than 2000 IP assets. In a short period, he reduced the department expenses by more than 40 percent, organized IP assets by business units , and created patent committees to manage the assets more effectively. Pedram holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia and has coauthored several publications in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.


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