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Patent Litigation Intelligence 2022
Patent Litigation | Feb 3, 2022
Patexia evaluates all district court patent litigation cases to find the top attorneys and law firms for patent litigation based on their activity and performance before the district courts.
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The Patent Litigation Intelligence Report, which highlights the recent surge in patent litigation, provides valuable insights for plaintiffs and defendants looking to hire the best patent litigators for their cases. While changes such as the introduction of PTAB in 2012 or the Alice 101 decision had impacted the patent litigation activity, the report shows that patent litigation is increasing again with over 2,000 cases filed in the first half of 2021 alone, making it more crucial than ever to have the right legal representation.

What You'll Find Inside this Report:

The period of study covers all cases filed from July. 1, 2017, through Jun. 30, 2021. This period covers: 

  • 14,506 District Court Patent Cases
  • 12,293 Unique Patents
  • 14,251 Defendants and Plaintiffs
  • 3,050 Law Firms 
  • 14,685 Attorneys

Similar to other reports, the rankings will cover the "Most Active" and "Best Performing" attorneys, law firms, and companies in the following categories:

  • Defendants
  • Plaintiffs
  • Overall
Top Clients & Firms

The Patent Litigation Intelligence Report also provides:

  • Top 3 Clients for law firms and attorneys
  • Top 3 Firms used by each company
  • Lateral Moves
  • Judges
Unlock Exclusive Benefits
For Law Firms
Stay competitive
Use IP analytics from the report to better market your patent litigation practice.
Negotiate effectively
Leverage the stats provided in this report to emphasize your strengths for potential clients.
Stand out in your clients' eyes
Get ranked in the report to be qualified as a top authority in your field.
For Companies
Choose the right IP counsel
Explore our rankings to find an IP attorney or law firm with the best performance for your patent litigation matter.
Make informed decisions
Gain expert insight from the data provided in the report for your IP protection needs.
Know the IP sector leaders
Get first-hand knowledge of the IP experts who scored in the top 5 percentile in their respective categories.