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STRATUS NETWORKS, INC. v. UBTA-UBET COMMUNICATIONS INC. Before Moore, Lourie, and Reyna.  Appeal from the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Summary: The... Read More »
Federal Circuit Summary Before Newman, O’Malley, and Reyna. Appeal from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Summary: When resolving an obviousness... Read More »
Written by Scott R. Seeley and Andrea Cheek The Federal Circuit upheld an IPR final written decision by the PTAB holding that MindGeek’s claims were... Read More »
It’s a new year, and time to take a look back at the most innovative countries and companies in 2014. The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) has released ... Read More »
Telepresence comes in two forms, each with its own endemic challenge. The basic real-world version is little more than enhanced videoconferencing, the sort of... Read More »
The iPhone 5 debuted this week, causing underwhelmed responses to the latest toy from Cupertino. As the first big iPhone release since the death of Steve Jobs, Apple... Read More »
Remember those stern FCC warnings back in 2009 telling us to ditch our analog TVs or else? The thought of someone still watching an analog TV seemed like punishment... Read More »
A team of engineers at Stanford University, in new research published in the Journal of Applied Physics Letters, have reported the development of a tiny... Read More »
Lao Tzu, the famous Chinese philosopher, once said, “time is a created thing.” Interestingly, this 2,500 year old saying -- which was initially said in... Read More »
A group of Clemson University researchers was unsatisfied with the limited properties of modern fiber optic cables. “We have used a highly purified version of... Read More »
First proposed in 1984 -- the year not the novel -- quantum key distribution (QKD) has gotten a second look from researchers at the Institute of Physics and German... Read More »
If you’ve ever been curious what students at Tsinghua University in China do in their spare time you can stop, because apparently they build and test the... Read More »
Soon, household users will be able to remotely control household appliances via their smartphone or PC. The Internet-enabled power outlet that supports the new IPv6... Read More »
Based on recent patent infringement filings in the District Court of Delaware, trucking yards must be the next cradle of innovation. Mobile Logistics LLC, a faceless... Read More »
Pre Show It’s opening night and the show is about to begin. The performers are warming up, getting ready for the spectacle of a lifetime. Google, Amazon... Read More »
Daniel PorterLooks like NYC is stepping up it's Wifi game above ground, too:
Jul 12, 2012
A short update this week, here's a rundown of what's been drawing attention and making headlines. Patents, patents, patents I should start by wishing... Read More »
Beaming 2.5 terabytes per second across a meter of air, an international team of researchers has cracked large scale wireless transmitting. The group managed the feat by ... Read More »
125,000 deaths annually in the U.S., 10-25% of hospital admissions, and billions in medical expenses. Fortunately, there is not some new epidemic to worry about;... Read More »
Jackie KellyI can also see this being very useful for older patients or in long-term care facilities. Managing medications are a continual challenge.
Jun 19, 2012
Among technology's previous generation of Next Big Things, we heard a lot of talk about the potential of NFC (Near-Field Communication). Smartphone manufacturers... Read More »
A team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) have taken steps to ensure a powerful color-based imaging technique performs as well when discerning... Read More »