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Can boilerplate language describing possible variations to an invention ever impact validity of a patent?  Many software patents include standard... Read More »
Two recently issued decisions by federal courts highlight the uncertainty around claims to software-implemented inventions after the Supreme Court decision in Alice... Read More »
Patent attorneys are often asked the question: “Is my idea patentable?” Often the idea is related to software or business methods. Well-known business... Read More »
Curtis LeeMr. Kim: Do you think the drastic changes seen post-Alice with respect to software and business-method patents are an overall benefit to pure innovators and small business entities?
Oct 13, 2016
The race is on to gain control of a new technology that has the power to reinvent banking and make transactions and other agreements between parties cheaper... Read More »
A few weeks ago, we identified the 25 most litigated patents since 2010 and learned they were responsible for more than 6% of all patent suits in the country. As... Read More »
TAEKSUNG KIMGreat analysis. Peculiarly however, I have found that there are many issued data processing patents in the field of autonomous vehicles. Efforts for preoccupying patents?
Sep 8, 2016
Pedram SameniThis analysis is independent of prosecution data. While we believe Alice and IPR may have impacted filing strategies of some companies, they are not directly related. We plan to do another study in the near future covering the prosecution data.
Sep 8, 2016
VPATAPP_A mobile app about patents VPATAPP is a mobile application about the world of patents. Available freely on... Read More »
The controversy swirling around Apple Maps reveals a fundamental difference between Google and Apple business models that can’t be measured in mobile market... Read More »
What do you get when you take three individual patent suits, two plaintiffs, three big-name defendants, four patents (two of which have been ruled invalid), and a... Read More »
What's a good gadget with no apps?  In a world where people increasingly use their mobile phones for everything but making phone calls, this is ... Read More »
If you happen to have an iPhone 4S handy, go ahead and ask Siri about a patent lawsuit that was filed April 25, 2012, in U.S. District Court for the District of... Read More »
Nanyang Technological University researchers have developed a video system that integrates the functionality of your TV, smartphone, and tablet computer. Microsoft... Read More »
Getting a whole extra second added to your day might sound like a great thing -- okay it doesn’t really sound that great -- but if you're a programmer or... Read More »
As if Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook don’t have enough problems, Facebook’s being sued. The patent infringement suit filed by Software Rights... Read More »
Ray Van DykeYou gloss over patent law principles and assume much. Where a company takes another company's patented technology and is sued, then if that taking is shown, if that taking is egregious, and if the judge/jury thinks an example should be made, then the judge/jury MAY award enhanced damages. If the "taking" is accidental, then enhanced damages are normally not awarded.
Aug 13, 2012
Ray Van DykeSoftware patents are very important to many American companies. The reason we have controversy on software patents is these are fairly new. Plastics, sewing and other technologies that were cutting edge years ago have similar controversies. The patent system is rigorous and questionable patents can be invalidated either in court or at the Patent Office.
Aug 13, 2012
The '662 patent is owned by Parallel Iron, whose attorneys have recently filed suit against Internet giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and even some... Read More »
Wes Boudville[continued from previous posting] but no one did, then this can be used precisely as an argument for non-obviousness.
Feb 26, 2015
Wes BoudvilleBecause no one invented the invention prior to the actual filing date, and all the starting points of the patent were present. This is related to a recent quote by a Supreme Court jurist who said regarding non-obviousness that for any patent, anyone who objected to it could merely say, after disclosure, that the patent was obvious. It is never enough to say that it is obvious. One has to raise more precise points about the patent vis a vis the prior art. And one of the arguments for non-obviousness that can be made by the patent inventor is like judo - what I mentioned above.
Feb 26, 2015
If Governments and Corporations around the world aren’t on edge over cyber security, after last week’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, they should be... Read More »
Computer scientists from Harvard University have created new software that allows animators to print any 3D animation as an articulated action figure with just the... Read More »
Taiwan's National Cheng Kung University has launched a suit alleging that Apple's use of Siri in its iPhone and future versions of its iPad infringes two U.S. ... Read More »
Recently, Google and Facebook continued their ongoing efforts to shore up acknowledged deficiencies in their respective lines of business as related to mobile... Read More »
Cloud computing is quickly shaping up to be the biggest thing since the invention of the Internet. The mid-90s dream of an open data stream containing just about... Read More »
Question: what parts of the US government are most concerned with patents? Easy answer: the USPTO. Extra credit if you named the Federal District Courts, the venue... Read More »