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18 minutes isn't a very long time for most of us who operate in the civilian world. However, in April of 2010, the Chinese government took control of 15% of the... Read More »
Siri is undoubtedly THE high-profile feature of the iPhone 4s (does S stand for Siri or not?). Before Siri, ‘voice interface’ meant basic text-to-speech... Read More »
Charlie BucknerI've got to hand it to Apple for doing a great job with SIRI. Of course, it's not perfect, however, I can see it getting close to perfect in future iterations.
Jan 24, 2012
Sofia IzquierdaHmm, that's both comforting and somewhat scary. Reminds me of HAL from Space Odyssey!
Jan 24, 2012
Apple spent a lot of 2011 in court (either directly, or in disguise), attempting to keep competitors’ smartphones and tablets off the market. If patent... Read More »
Zhi PengApple needs to relax with this, just get over the fact the touchscreen smartphone is way of future.
Jan 27, 2012
Data mining, the hidden seamless process in which algorithms present us with relevant search results based on the input of keywords, is reaching a critical juncture... Read More »
Apple® today announced iBooks® 2 for iPad®, featuring iBooks textbooks, a dynamic kind of textbook. iBooks textbooks offer iPad users fullscreen textbooks ... Read More »
HP has made a fundamental shift that will redefine how its technology will be delivered. Bill Veghte, who joined HP in 2010, has been appointed as chief strategy... Read More »
Pattern recognition software from the University of Michigan has proven just how useful it can be in interpreting digitized tissue slides. The program, called... Read More »
At the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, CNET announced its "Best of CES 2012" award winners. Here are the top innovations in... Read More »
IBM completed its acquisition today of Green Hat, a privately held company that specializes in software quality and testing solutions for cloud computing. Developers... Read More »
French antitrust regulator, Autorite de la Concurrence, rejected HP's request that Oracle be forced to adjust pricing on database software that uses Itanium... Read More »
No stranger to controversy, Microsoft has found itself at the center of a minor storm of criticism (and some ridicule) over the company’s latest patent: a... Read More »
Imagine an iPad application that allows a soldier to pilot an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) fitted with an inexpensive metal detector several inches off the ground... Read More »
If you’re like most entrepreneurs in this world, your list of New Year’s resolutions probably mentions productivity.  What business owner... Read More »
Saying an innovation seems like science fiction is pretty much a cliché in 2012. However, it’s hard not to invoke the term when speaking about... Read More »
Like a lot of news in tech innovation these days, it sounds like something out of Star Trek. Yet, you won’t be surprised to hear that the medical field is... Read More »
The online music wars have heated up -- again. Since the launch of Napster, the Internet has become a playground for people who hate paying for music.  ... Read More »
Richard NoguchiI think I'm liking Google Music ;)
Nov 23, 2011
A new multi-measurement capability from Agilent will be added to it's 89600 VSA software. Some of the innovations include multiple signal analysis from a single... Read More »
Huawei is bolstering its cloud computing capabilities with Symantec's security and storage technology. Symantec has lost over $123 million for its share of the... Read More »
(Reuters) - Adobe Systems Inc is halting development of its popular Flash Player for use in mobile browsers, essentially admitting defeat to rival Apple Inc in a... Read More »
  HELSINKI (Reuters) - ST-Ericsson won a deal to supply chipsets for future Nokia phones based on Windows software, breaking Qualcomm's monopoly over ... Read More »