Alejandro Freixes
Oct 18, 2011

Verizon can unlock your doors, let the dogs in, and turn on the air conditioning


Verizon is inventing the “smart home” in its latest innovative service, the new Home Monitoring and Control service.  Via the smart phone, PC, FiOS TV, and a connected tablet, the smart home program can access everything from door locks to thermostat settings for $9.99 a month to start.  Aside from the direct ability to change conditions in the home, the Smart Energy Ecosystem monitors energy expenditure levels in real-time and over periods of time to help save money and the environment. The equipment packages begin at $69.99, offering a variety of upgrades and devices to the list of services.

"Making the smart home a reality is another way Verizon is breaking down barriers between 'home' and 'away' to support a borderless lifestyle," said Eric Bruno, the vice president of Verizon product management. "In addition, we're giving our customers the tools to live greener lives and provide valuable information essential to making decisions about their home-energy usage."

The first package is the home monitoring kit, allowing users to remotely turn the lights on and off and see through the lens of networked cameras. The second package is the energy control kit which uses Trane Z wave-enabled energy-monitoring and thermostat controls for appliances and electrical usage. The third package is the home monitoring and control kit which offers both home and energy monitoring gear. Further features like Schlage devices can allow remote locking and unlocking of doors, panning cameras, and lights that turn on when a door is opened.