Alejandro Freixes
Apr 11, 2012

UBM Techinsights uses high-tech analytics to examine Intel's Ivy Bridge processor

UBM Techinsights’ Logic Detailed Structural Analysis (LDSA) report provides comprehensive analysis of the process technology and design rules used for standard cell logic and embedded memory of a particular ASIC, microcontroller or processor. The analysis is based on SEM, TEM, EDS, X-ray, SRP techniques and comprises: device overview (package, annotated die, die markings, bond pads, die corners, edge seal); general process, standard cell logic and embedded memory cell analyses. General Process Analysis delivers a characterization of die levels from substrate to passivation, including FEOL and BEOL with critical dimensions by SEM/TEM/SRP and materials identification by TEM EDS. Optional analytical methods (e.g. SIMS, SCM) may be used, if necessary. Special attention is given to core logic transistors and I/O transistors that may have a metal or polycide gate, a high-k gate dielectric, sophisticated gate sidewall structure and other important features.