James McArdle
May 10, 2013

The Progenitor


Our new contest on human-computer interaction is receiving a lot of attention. You should have a look!

We put up yet another contest this week too. This one is on stem cells and neurobiology.

It’s a commercial use search on a technology dealing with neural progenitor cells made from bone marrow.

Very cool.

See the details here.

These commercial use contests are a great chance to participate in our mission of promoting innovation by bringing transparency and efficiency to the patent system (and score some of that $3000 prize pool). You can also test your mettle and a truly global community of experts. This is the big leagues of patent search and analysis.

Show us what you've got :)


The patent types webinar took place this week. There was a great turnout, and some good questions. I think people learned a lot.

The slides are available now and the recording should be up shortly. You can see them here.

Our next webinar is going to be on patent monetization strategies, Peter Kim will be speaking.

He’s a real expert on the subject, this is a rare chance to get insight from a top performer and insider from a patent monetization firm (he’s former director of IP strategy at Rambus and now principal at Irvine Pointe).

It’s free too, which is really pretty special for a speaker of this quality. If you’re a patent owner looking to maximize the value of your portfolio, you should really check it out.

You can see more details here.

You’re probably bummed because there hasn’t been a wallpaper of the week for a few weeks.

Never fear.

See you space cowboy...