Andy Bosyi
Sep 3, 2014

The new Market Research Contest type

We’re big fans of crowdsourcing here at Patexia. Whether its crowdsourcing prior art or discovering patents or even finding the right consultant, we’ve always been eager to expand the abilities of the crowd to bring transparency to patents and intellectual property.

And now, we’re excited to bring the crowd to help figure out the landscape of the market, to act as a guide to the business world.

So welcome to the new Market Research contests. This new type is designed to understand the expert consensus around a particular topic from people with either first hand knowledge or extensive research background in the field.

We’re looking for help from our Patexia community to share their thoughts about an industry. With our crowd of subject matter experts, we want to understand their opinions about the nature of their fields.

The key features:

  • Market Research submissions are made up of answers to questions based on your educated opinion gained from your first hand experience and/or academic/research background.
  • Prizes are awarded based on the multiple sub-contest prize pool distribution for each question. The more questions you’re able to answer for us, the more prizes you are eligible for!

Learn more at our new Introduction to Market Research page, and check out our three new Market Research contests when you’re ready to start:

  1. Expandable Tubular Technology
  2. Measurement While Drilling Market
  3. Measurement While Drilling Technology

Good luck with the new Contest type and we’ll see you around the site!

The Patexia Team