Casey Kristin Frye
Feb 27, 2012

Sony commercializes TransferJet™ Compatible LSI

Sony Corporation announced the commercialization of “CXD3271GW” LSI, for use in the close proximity wireless transfer technology TransferJet™. This LSI realizes a 350Mbps transmission speed and sensitivity to enhance its suitability for mobile devices such as smartphones. Sony recently presented this technological breakthrough related to its new LSI at the “ISSCC (International Solid-State Circuits Conference) which was held February 19-23 in San Francisco. Sony has developed the new TransferJet™ compatible LSI “CXD3271GW”, which achieves both a high transmission speed and sensitivity, in addition to significantly reducing power consumption over previous models. Sony will provide a software development kit for Android™ to facilitate the LSI's implementation in Android™ devices together with the software development kit for Linux which has been provided with the previous models to developers. Sony will continue to actively promote the adoption of its TransferJet™ LSIs by manufacturers from fast-growing markets such as smartphones.