Ada Genavia
Apr 2, 2012

R3 Fusion selected to demonstrate frac water treatment technology

R3 Fusion, Inc. announced that it has executed a contract to demonstrate its patented SPaCeR  (short path condensate recovery) technology on the treatment of flowback water generated in hydraulic fracking operations. Unconventional gas reserves in shale deposits have greatly extended the fossil fuel reserves available to the United States and will be critical in power generation, home heating and transportation as a substitute for gasoline and diesel. Accessing these reserves has a huge potential benefit to our national security and economy. However there is a hold on natural gas development in New York because of concerns about the hydraulic fracturing technique -- 'fracking' -- and the disposal of water used and produced in the process. The SPaCeR system is capable of high volume, energy efficient separation of pure water from a wide range of fluids including briny solutions, industrial waste streams, frac water, completion fluids in oil and gas drilling and many others.