Nareen Melkonian
Apr 3, 2012

NASA and ATK complete first test for NASA's SLS booster program

NASA and ATK successfully completed the first test for NASA's Space Launch System (SLS) booster program on March 28 at ATK's Utah test facility. This demonstration was a key avionics and controls test designated Flight Control Test 1 (FCT-1). It also included a fully integrated flight heritage thrust vector control (TVC) system with the new SLS booster avionics subsystem, which is responsible for booster ignition, nozzle steering and booster separation. This test will specifically focus on the avionics subsystem's ability to start-up, monitor, steer and shut down an SLS booster nozzle TVC system. This test marks the first time a new avionics subsystem interfaced with and controlled a previously developed TVC system, performing an SLS launch simulation. The test additionally included new electronic ground support equipment which monitored and coordinated activities between the test facilities, avionics subsystem, and TVC system.