Kyle Hoellger
Jan 8, 2014

I've Won a Contest, Now Where's My Money?

After conducting a rigorous search and crafting a precise, detailed submission you have found yourself as a deserving winner or runner up in one of Patexia's prior art, evidence of use, or market research contests. Your next thought, in so many words, is likely something to the effect of "Where's my money!?"

We are here to reward hard work and we certainly understand that the prizes we offer help to push you as community members to put in your best effort. That said, we will always pay all winners and runners up within 60 days of the winner/runner up announcement date. This announcement, in the form of the feedback emails that you may be familiar with, typically takes place within 1-2 weeks of a contest closing.

As you can imagine, our patent contests are sponsored by clients who are interested in tapping into our one of a kind community. Sometimes these clients are a bit tardy with their payments so we are left on standby until a check is received. During this period we will hold off on making prize payments because we would prefer not to front the money in case something were to ever go sideways on the business side of things here.

Of course, no matter what if you are a winner or runner up in one of our contests you will be paid within that 60 days post-announcement date window mentioned above, even if we haven't been paid ourselves. We appreciate you patience and above all we appreciate the hard work that has made you one of our valued winners or runners up.

If you ever have any questions regarding payment or prize distribution you can check out our FAQ, read the contest rules page, or contact one of us directly at


The Patexia Team