Mehdi Sadaghdar
May 30, 2011

Fly Killing Machine

Do you want to pay for a device that reduces your chances of killing a fly?! There is a patent for that! Although I agree that it is kind of fun to challenge yourself to some sort of game, but can killing insects be called a game? Sure why not! I'm sure there are enough twisted people like myself that can enjoy this. It gets rid of insects too and is much more humane than hunting animals for fun. Here's a picture:

I’m sure keeping your nails long on all fingers except for the little pinkie is not a requirement to use this. You should take a look at this patent. I haven't read many patents, but the amount of details and variations of this device included in the paper work seems just too much.

Take this device as a game and it might be worth something. But if you are looking for a serious way of improving yourself as an insect killing machine, you are looking at the wrong thing. Here's why:

-   I'm sure what you will find out after a few times of scaring the flies away is that the tip of the tiny spatula won't hit where you think it would. The small tip area won't make it any easier either. It is a matter of gaining skill though. Don't give up, keep practicing and you will succeed! Just that you may be better off learning to play a musical instrument in your spare time.

- If people don't know what you are doing, you will look like you are launching your booger! (Can I say booger on the web?)

- You may take a few eyes out by the accidental launch of the device off your finger. But that's the price others have to pay for you to perfect your skill.

- At the end, you will take so few flies with this device. I suggest you keep a record of them. I'm sure if you get past 10 points, Guinness world of records will add you to their list.

Call me old fashioned, But I am still a fan of the big old plastic insect killing spatula. Although I still believe this will make a good time killing game, especially in an office adjacent to a butcher shop.

Forgot to metion, it is real if you were wondering. Read all about it here: