Nareen Melkonian
Apr 19, 2012

Evonik introduces Plexiglas glazing for electric vehicles

Weight is very crucial for the growing market for electric vehicles, so Evonik has just introduced its PLEXIGLAS glazing, which is 40 to 50 percent lighter than conventional glass, making it of great interest to car manufacturers. Weight savings apart, the transparency of PLEXIGLAS, as well as its very high weathering resistance, acoustic properties, and formability, among other features, opens up entirely new design possibilities not offered by conventional glazing. To cover the entire range of glazing for automotive construction, Evonik is pursuing two lines of development: monolithic and multi-layer systems based on PLEXIGLAS. A 5 mm and also a 6 mm thick coated sheet has already received ECE R 43 certification for side and rear windows and roof glazing. PLEXIGLAS glazing is being tested under practical conditions in a Lotus race car.